Tuesday, January 17, 2017

It's Been Too Long...Whoops

So, I really suck at keeping up with this thing but I made a bullet journal for 2017 that will mock me if I don't keep up from now on. 

So, I now have a beautiful 5 year old. She is just as sassy as before and getting sweeter by the day. 

Since I last wrote on here, Ariel has had a 5th birthday, started kindergarten, dropped ballet and tap, added jazz and tumbling, and then re-added ballet after she stated how much she missed it. This kid is still a source of what seems like endless energy. She is maturing so much lately. I can't seem to keep up. She loves to ask questions and asks what many words mean. I love it. But there is still so much baby there. She still loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (WHY) and has traded falling asleep to a cartoon movie with asking for me to play lullabies on my phone while she sleeps (I leave my phone there for like 20 minutes tops and she is out). She is doing really well in kindergarten. She HATED homework at first (I mean, who can blame her?) but has gotten much better at busting it out quickly. She is learning to read and has 50 sight words under her belt and sounding out the rest. Why is English such a difficult language? lol. It's ridiculous. She is writing and it's one of the best things ever to get a card that says "I love you Erika. Love Ariel." It just melts my heart. 

I don't know what to write without making this like 90 paragraphs long. SO much has happened but then not too much. I'm loving this age. I really am.

Karate Kid

Next to her cousin after they had just passed testing in karate and got their new belts!

Someone graduated from Pre-K!
Her flowers were as big as she was!

Recital costume pictures!

I love this girl.

Post-swim picture.

Halloween with her cousin, my nephew Cole (3). Yeah, they are that similar in size. 

I just love this so much.

Around a week before Christmas, listening to a story. My little snuggle bug.

Perhaps my favorite of all. The three of us. <3

I will update more. I'm aiming for once a week. I don't want to forget anything! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I know we did. :)

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