Thursday, July 23, 2015

4th Birthday Party

     So this past Saturday was Ariel's fourth birthday party. It was mostly family with the exception of one of her dance friends and the girl's family. Ariel (naturally) close Frozen for her theme and had a (non-Frozen but still awesome) bounce house. The kids all had a blast. Actually, the adults did too. Johnny got the day off, which was great. The kids had a bounce house and a pool to spend their day in so what could go wrong?

Oh. a place that rains maybe 2-5 times a year TOPS. Of course.

"Oh, bother."
Now, we are in the desert of southern California and there's this big, nasty drought going on, so I am beyond thankful for a dumping of rain. Rainy, cloudy, thundering days are actually my favorite kinds of days EVER. But of all days to have it happen...REALLY?!

It actually ended up being not so bad. It made the little ramp that goes up the the bounce house like a little slip-n-slide. The inside of the bouncer got all bubbly (coming up from the seams), which of course the kids loved. I might have been bouncing around in there too, totally soaked and slipping. 

Tried as I could, I just could not fit this thing into one picture. It was so adorable.

Thunder was happening but the kids all got in the pool anyways. I did the same when I was a kid. Kids just don't have that huge sense of worry. I miss being so carefree. It's lovely to witness as an adult. They're so free. I may be slightly jealous ;) lol.

Ariel loved her gifts but she's at that stage where she tears open one present, looks at it, tosses it aside, and wants the next. It's equal parts hilarious and frustrating. Ha.

She had a blast and was sooo tired at the end of the day. She got a life-size Elsa doll, which she would not take her eyes off of, especially knowing her little cousin was nearby. (Kids break stuff sometimes.)

That giant creepy thing really is her height. lol.
I'm really happy she had such a wonderful day and can't wait to see what her fourth year has in store for her. Johnny is always saying how he wishes he could see life through her eyes and how everything is so amazing and wonderful to them. He's so right. Ah, to be young again.

Happy Birthday, baby girl. 


  1. Kids are so awesome. They are just not fazed by silly little annoyances like rain :)

    My daughter would ADORE that Elsa doll. I wonder if I could get one here for her birthday this year... her 24th birthday. Sad but true.

    1. I totally get that. I'm 29 and the kid in me still wants some toys I see. I see Nerf guns and some of the cute little dance costumes and I lose my shit, sad that they aren't in my size. hahaha.