Thursday, July 23, 2015


     So we're lucky enough here at my boyfrend's parents' house (transitional stage) to have a big, beautiful, in-ground pool. Man, I love that thing. I have been known to completely hate summer but now, as a stepmom (basically), I have grown more fond of the hottest season. 

We live in the desert in southern California and it gets so so SO freakin hot here. But being cooped up all winter and this chilly spring that I was really looking forward to days where we could play in the sun, or just go outside!

Well, that cute little spring season is just that here...little. It lasts for like a week, I swear! It went from cold to like 90'+ practically overnight. It's a good thing that pool is here. I'll admit, last year, I lived in that thing and this summer, I haven't been in there nearly enough. I'm about to fix that. If for nothing else, to fix my pasty white self! But the kids love it too.

When I was a kid, I LIVED in my grandparents' pool. Every other weekend, you'd find me in there. No exception in the summertime. None at all. Ariel is the same way with her grandparents' pool. 

Today, her cousins came over. Ezra is seven and Eli is three (about six months younger than Ariel). We played a bit inside. Ariel and Eli would tackle me and tell me I was dead (no idea how kids that age even know what that means) so I would lie on the carpet with my eyes closed and tongue hanging to the side. Then me and Ezra were playing Monkey in the Middle with the little ones (his idea) with a beach ball. Then Ariel and Eli were running back and forth chasing Ezra. I tell you...I'm a musician, classically trained vocally...but that little girl's laugh is my favorite sound in the whole world. It's at that stage where it's just that deep, belly laugh. It's incredible. I love her.

Eventually, the boys' mom arrived and the kids headed into the pool. It was super windy so I stayed out but it was so nice sitting there listening to their laughing and splashing. It was such a good day. Then Ariel was cold because wind and got out, so I wrapped her little self in a towel and sat her on my lap for awhile. I was cuddling her, trying to warm her up, and that's one of the best feelings in the world...having a little person in your lap, warming them, and hearing them say "I love you, Reeka." My heart swells as I think about it. After awhile, I got her her own chair because she wanted to play on grandma's tablet for a little while. I don't even know how to turn one on but these kids are pros. Don't worry...they play and play and learn and run and sing and dance and everything else, but they also use the tablets now and then to play an educational game or show. (It's not mine or really my place to step in about it anyways, so what can you do, you know?) Then we were reading stories and it was bedtime for the little girl. 

I am really liking summer lately. Not LIKE like, but like. 

That's our bedroom behind the pool. We have the poolhouse. :) It's huge.

Last year (top), this year (bottom)

Last year (top), this year (bottom)

What a difference a year makes!

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